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Young Adults (18-24)

Young Adult Drug Rehab

Young adults ages 18 to 24 are using drugs and alcohol more than ever. Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) offers a Young Adult Drug Rehab Program. Our program helps young adults from all around the country get sober. Young adults often use drugs or alcohol as teens. Their thinking has been affected, along with their emotions and behaviors. PaRC's program specifically targets young adults' problems with a personalized approach.

How does the Young Adult Rehab Program differ?

  • The program has both a medical director and a program coordinator who work together to make sure the program is performing effectively.
  • Program counselors are dedicated solely to the young adults.
  • Some of the program's counselors are young adults. They relate to what their patients are going through.
  • At PaRC, young adults relate best to others their own age. They feel safe to share their feelings with their peers.
  • Our drug abuse groups are tailored specifically to our young adults.
  • Our Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Program helps patients return to their lives while staying in treatment.
  • Young adult speakers who are graduates of our young adult program share their stories of how they got sober.

PaRC's Young Adult Drug Rehab Program also focuses on:

Young Adult in Rehab

How does the family recover from this disease?

Addiction can destroy a family. Your family needs support and time to recover. Families are a big part of our Young Adult Drug Rehab Program. Family is involved from the first appointment all the way through discharge. Our family program includes family counseling and education. A separate Family Aftercare Program is offered as well.

For more information about this program, contact:

Jan Malmay, MA, LCDC
Program Coordinator


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