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Drug Rehab Center Admission

The idea of going to treatment makes most people uncomfortable. People often feel ashamed or embarrassed about needing treatment. But the longer you wait, the greater your risk of losing everything; your health, friends, work and opportunities. Your disease is treatable, and you can start now to get your life back on track. 

You will be in capable hands at PaRC's Drug Rehab Center. People you will relate to and connect with will surround you. You will build a support network, get the counseling you need and learn the skills that you must have to stay sober. Read some of our patient success stories and see for yourself. You can also take a virtual tour of our beautiful, inviting campus. You have a treatable disease, and PaRC's rehab center is ready to help you learn to manage it. If you are still unsure about whether you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, take our free Self-Assessment and learn more.

Female Alumnus"After nearly losing my life to alcohol, I realized I needed help. When I got there, I knew I was in the right place. I had an assessment and admitted into the program right away. That was almost three years ago. It hasn't been easy some days, but I've been sober since. I would recommend the PaRC to anyone who wants to save their own life from this disease."
— Shelly K., PaRC Alumnus

What is the Admission Process?

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Admission to PaRC's drug rehab center is a quick and voluntary process. The first step involves verifying your insurance benefits. After you submit your insurance information to our business office representatives, we will call your insurance company to verify your coverage. You can submit your information online. Once we get your coverage information from your insurance company, we will call you to discuss your benefits in detail. At that point, you will know what your treatment at PaRC will cost based on your insurance plan. If you plan to private pay, speak with one of our business office representatives to find out more about program costs. Drug rehab center treatment is more affordable than you might think.

Initial Assessment and Recommendation

Next, you will receive a clinical assessment with a licensed Admissions Counselor at the PaRC drug rehab location of your choice. The assessment ensures that you are placed in the level of care you need to most effectively treat your addiction; it also ensures that PaRC is the right place for you. The assessment usually takes about one hour. During that time, you will fill out necessary admission paperwork regarding your usage history and current usage. With your permission, your loved ones will also fill out paperwork regarding their view of your usage.

After you complete your paperwork, you will meet with the Admissions Counselor to review your information, your medical and psychological history and discuss your problem in more depth. With your permission, the counselor may also meet with your family members. Based on all the information you and your family present, the counselor will recommend what level of care will be most effective for you. Levels of care available at PaRC drug rehab center include detox, inpatient and outpatient care.

Rehab Program Alumnus"Was entering rehab an easy decision for me? No it wasn't. I was too worried about what people would think of me. And what about my family and my job? It took a couple more blackouts for me to realize I had no other choice; I would get help or die of an overdose one day. PaRC helped me get sober. Is recovery easy? Not always. But like many addicts before me I have figured out that it is possible to move on to a sober life."
— Jessica G., PaRC Alumnus

PaRC is Here for You

After your assessment, you can admit into the drug rehab center immediately or take some time to think about the recommendation you receive. PaRC is a voluntary facility, so you are not obligated to admit into one of PaRC's programs after your assessment.

Your problems with drugs or alcohol will only get worse with time if you do not get the treatment you need to manage disease. Your treatment team at PaRC are experts in substance abuse treatment and will help you build the foundation you need for long-term recovery.

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