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Our Rehab Programs

Rehab Center for Adults (25+)

You have come to our website because you need help for yourself or a loved one. Addiction has taken over your life. It has taken higher priority over people you love and things you enjoy. Your relationships are suffering. Maybe you're about to lose your job. You may have medical problems because of drugs or alcohol. The reasons you started using drugs or alcohol are not important at this moment. Getting professional help is. Untreated addiction gets worse with time, not better.

PaRC's treatment experts know that addiction affects every part of your life. That's why our Adult Drug Rehab Center has programs that treat addiction from all angles. Our programs are respected nationwide. We have earned the top ranking among treatment facilities, the gold standard, from The Joint Commission.

Support for Dual-Diagnosis

All persons admitted to PaRC must have a primary chemical dependency diagnosis. Many people suffer from more than just addiction. PaRC offers support for individuals whose addictive disorders are compounded by other mental health issues.

Patients who admit to the PaRC for treatment of a substance use disorder are also able to receive support for a secondary mood disorder or other mental health issue. PaRC provides specialty groups and medication management by licensed psychiatrists to help individuals who have needs somewhat greater than alcohol and drug dependency alone.

Diverse Group with Hope"As most of our stories go, I was at my end...losing everyone and everything I loved and had worked hard for. I was ready to stop using and get my life back but I didn't know how to ask for help. I am 42 years old and well-educated - I knew better, right? Situations in my life finally came to a roaring boil and into the PaRC I went. I started learning the minute my brain was clear enough from cocaine and alcohol. I had so many positive experiences at PaRC. I was inpatient for 30 days then did outpatient. I have been sober for three years now. I am a proud alumnus of the PaRC."  ~Leslie M.

Adult Drug Rehab Center Services at PaRC:

  • Medical detox.Detox at PaRC is safe, comfortable and quick.
  • Residential treatment (RTC). Inpatient treatment that usually lasts 30 to 90 days.
  • Partial-day treatment (PHP). A full-time day program that allows a patient to return home in the evenings.
  •  Outpatient Treatment (IOP). Groups are held 4 days a week, 3 hours per day, at one of our many locations.

Patient Story

Alonzo: Creating Memories and Overcoming Addiction"If you want a better life...PaRC, Prevention and Recovery...Those are the people that help save your life if you really want your life saved.” Alonzo says after getting professional help from PaRC's Adult Treatment Program. Watch Video »

Why is PaRC's Adult Drug Rehab so effective?

1. Education that teaches you about addiction and recovery

2. Programs and groups that help get down to core issues

3. Ongoing support and education to help keep your new sobriety strong

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