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Recovery Specialists

Substance Abuse Counselors & Staff

Your treatment team at PaRC is made up of highly experienced certified substance abuse counselors and other staff who have a long history of teaching patients how to get and stay sober. In addition to drug and alcohol counselors, your treatment team includes behavioral health professionals such as licensed chemical dependency counselors, licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and top tier management.

PaRC employs bachelor's, master's and Ph.D.-level addiction counselors, therapists and specialists that work together to provide you the best possible outcome during your stay at PaRC. Read some of our wonderful patient success stories. You can also view a listing of our Physicians and Executive Team members.

Clinical Staff - Adult

Adult RTC Program Managers

  • Vaughn Bryant, PhD, LMFT, LPC-S, LCDC
  • Susan Dorn MA, LCDC
  • Jan Malmay, MA, LCDC
  • Bonnie Steele, LVN, LCDC
  • Terry Sexton, LCDC

Program Counselors

  • Susan Edmonds, LCDC
  • Jackie Harrison, LCDC
  • Demitria Manley, LMSW, LCDC
  • Peter Mott, LCDC
  • Marieli McCloud, LCDC
  • Kerri Swailes, LCDC

Program Therapist

  • Dana Grammer, LCSW

Detox Counselors

  • Lisa Fisher, LCDC
  • Jeff Evans, LPC, LCDC
  • Jake Gatlin, LCDC
  • Byron Griggs, LCDC
  • Tracee Lambert, LCDC
  • Bridget Thomas, LPC, LCDC

Young Adult Program

  • Marina Erbstoesser. LMFT-A, LCDC Intern
  • Lonnie Owen, LPC, LCDC
  • Renee Sanwald, LPC, LCDC
  • Julie Strachan-Traylor, LCDC

Professionals and Executives Program

  • Chris Crawford, LCSW, LCDC - Coordinator
  • Debbie Brolan, LCDC

Family Program

  • Troya Horton, LCDC - Coordinator
  • Earnestine Hay, LPC, LCDC
  • Jack Necroto, LCDC, LPC Intern

Day Intensive Outpatient Counselors

  • Dan Caldwell, LCDC
  • Lisa Webb, LCDC

Aftercare/Discharge Planning

  • John Will, LCDC – Aftercare Coordinator
  • Gigi Price, LCDC Intern

Satellite Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Karen Villarreal, LCSW, LCDC – Manager
  • Jodie Bergquist, LPC Intern, LCDC
  • Amanda “Mandy” Bellmyer, LCDC
  • Christina Bialobos, LCDC
  • Anthony Jackson, LCDC
  • Kimberly Lipar, LCDC
  • Kathy Fisher, LCDC
  • Jasmin Galarza, LCDC
  • Chris Huston, LCDC Intern
  • Frank Pietrowski, LCDC
  • Mike Visconti, LCDC

Pain Recovery Program

  • Christie Taylor, Ed.D, LPC-S - Manager
  • Maggie Dickens, LPC, LCDC
  • Jude Flisram, LCDC
  • Traci Gauen, LPC, LCDC
  • Julie Jones, LPC, LCDC

Clinical Staff - Adolescent

Adolescent Services Manager

  • Ernest Patterson LCDC

Program Counselors

  • Damon Drandakis LCDCI
  • Lakrisa Wardsworth LCDCI
  • Tish Fenoglio LCDCI

Program Therapist

  • Steve Jones LMSW

Day Intensive Outpatient Counselor

  • Tyler Ward LCDCI

Non-Houston Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Dallas - Rene Garcia MS LCDC LMFT-A LPC-Intern
  • Austin – Michael Ginsberg LCDC, CART