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Prometa™ Treatment for Alcohol, Cocaine & Methamphetamine Addiction

prometa drug alcohol treatment houston specialist

The Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center is one of the few Prometa treatment providers in Houston. Prometa is a special treatment plan for adults who suffer from alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine addiction.

Treatment with Prometa is overseen by an experienced PaRC physician and is generally appropriate at any stage of recovery. It is highly effective during the period when you may be struggling with ongoing cravings for alcohol or drugs.

The Prometa™ treating physician will determine if the treatment is right for you.

What is involved with the Prometa™ treatment?

Prometa involves taking prescription medications and nutritional supplements over a period of about one month. For most people, the start of treatment only requires a brief two- or three-day inpatient stay. Continuing care, also known as "Aftercare," is encouraged, which involves counseling, group therapy and continued education regarding recovery and relapse prevention.

Prometa™ treatment is designed to meet a full spectrum of your needs including:

  • Physical: Medications in the therapy target chemical receptors in the brain and nerves impacted by alcohol and substance dependence.
  • Health: Nutritional supplements help replace some of the important vitamins diminished in alcohol and substance dependent persons.
  • Care: Prometa encourages participation in continuing care programs.

Treatments with Prometa are not appropriate for everyone. The physician must make the treatment decision for each individual patient regarding the appropriateness of using this therapy during detoxification or any other stage of recovery.

This treatment is not designed for use in cases involving addiction to opiates, benzodiazepines or addiction substances other than alcohol or stimulants. Prometa treatments should not be used in women who are or who plan to be pregnant or nursing during the course of treatment. Prometa treatments are not designed for use in patients under the age of 18.

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Contact: Loanne Tran, BS, CARN
Director, Detox Services