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Customized Treatment

Customized Drug Rehab

Customized Treatment

Memorial Hermann PaRC has an extremely flexible program that includes customized drug rehab treatment options for every individual. Personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment services include medical detox, residential, partial day treatment, outpatient as well as having an extremely far reaching aftercare program and alumni network.

PaRC offers these customized drug rehab options in different programs to ensure that the highest outcomes are met. These programs include the Adult Program, Young Adult Program, Teen Program, as well as the Pain Recovery Program and the Professionals and Executives program.

At the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center the ideal objective is to provide the exact type and the right amount of treatment needed. PaRC takes pride in ensuring that each individual patient receives the customized drug rehab treatment they require to provide optimal outcomes for each patient. In order to ensure the highest levels of individualized treatment, PaRC offers extended lengths of stay continuing beyond 90 days, as well as very brief stays and everything in between. The length of stay and personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment offered is determined by the patient’s progress as well as a multitude of other variables that are tracked for each patient to guarantee the highest success possible through PaRC’s multi disciplined discharge planning.

PaRC knows that each patient is different; therefore, we offer a drug treatment customized for each individual patient. This is one of the reasons why PaRC has such ongoing success with its patients.