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Get Started On The Road To Recovery

Why Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center (PaRC)?

  • Award-winning experience and depth of expertise
  • Proven treatment models and methodologies
  • Dedicated team of recovery specialists
  • Exceptional patient care experience

What Parents Are Saying About PaRC?

Parent of PaRC Alumnus Teen

I just would like everyone at the PaRC to know how highly I recommend your program. 5 years ago today, my husband and I enrolled our daughter into your facility. Kasey was then 18, just graduated from high school and came to us for help. Your staff and counselors literally saved a young woman’s life that summer. Yes, it is difficult as a family to sit and listen at every meeting we attended with her, but it had to be done for our daughter’s life. She has reached her 5 year sober anniversary and is so much a stronger person now. No, I do not wish addiction on anyone, but Kasey is truly a much better person now after working your program. Once again THANKS for saving my daughter and your facility is awesome.  ~One Grateful Mother

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