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Get Started On The Road To Recovery

Why Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center (PaRC)?

  • Award-winning experience and depth of expertise
  • Proven treatment models and methodologies
  • Dedicated team of recovery specialists
  • Exceptional patient care experience

What Parents Are Saying About PaRC?

Parent of PaRC Alumnus Teen

I just would like everyone at the PaRC to know how highly I recommend your program. 5 years ago today, my husband and I enrolled our daughter into your facility. Kasey was then 18, just graduated from high school and came to us for help. Your staff and counselors literally saved a young woman’s life that summer. Yes, it is difficult as a family to sit and listen at every meeting we attended with her, but it had to be done for our daughter’s life. Just wanted to let you know she has reached her 5 year sober anniversary and is so much a stronger person now. No, I do not wish addiction on anyone, but Kasey is truly a much better person now after working your program. Once again THANKS for saving my daughter and your facility is awesome.  ~One Grateful Mother

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