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Texas Cities We Serve

Texas Drug Rehab Center

Addiction to drugs and alcohol gets worse with time. You and your family are being affected. Professional treatment is needed to stop your addiction. Getting help at an established Texas drug rehab and alcohol treatment center like PaRC can help. PaRC's Texas drug rehab center leads the state in quality. We offer ease of access whether you are traveling to Texas or simply want to learn how to get started we are here to help.

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"In my hometown I was running with the"wrong crowd". Getting treatment away from home helped me get a fresh start. I'm glad I did it because at PaRC I was able to get my head on straight and get strong again. I made new friends that I could count on for support. When I finished the program I had a clear discharge plan. I knew exactly what I needed to do to continue my recovery back home. I learned so much. For the first time I felt good about myself and knew I was going to be ok."

— Andrew B., PaRC Alumnus 2011

Treating Addiction for Over 30 Years

Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) is a Texas drug rehab and alcohol abuse center for adults and teenagers. Our many campuses are in Houston, Texas, and all of the surrounding cities. We have treated addiction patients for 30 years. We treat thousands of patients from all over Texas every year. We treat patients from across the nation as well. Our award-winning programs have gold-seal status with The Joint Commission.

We commonly serve: