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Alumnus Parent: Veronica M.

"Parenting Your Teen in 2013"

Teenagers today face many choices and pressures that can create unique challenges for you, your teen and your family. You want to get through these challenges successfully, but what exactly should you do and where do you start? How can you help your teen successfully navigate this special but sometimes difficult phase of his or her life?

Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) is committed to assisting teens and their families on the path to wellness and recovery. Our free educational series, Parenting Your Teen in 2013, teaches you more about the choices, challenges and pressures your teen faces everyday and equips you with the tools and knowledge you and your family need to make it through the teen years intact! For additional support attend a free, anonymous Al-Anon meeting in Houston on PaRC's main campus. While you are here, visit our bookstore where we carry many resources for parents, families and teens.

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