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Addiction Recovery Resources

PaRC ResourcesWhether you are a patient, family member, referral source or simply someone interested in learning more about the PaRC, this section is provided to offer you helpful information about the PaRC and our commitment to treating alcoholism and drug addiction. It is also available to educate readers about addiction recovery resources, PaRC's community outreach and volunteer opportunities.

Other Recovery Resources

  • Have a question about PaRC’s programs or substance abuse treatment in general? Email your question to us in the “Getting Started” box to the right.
  • Want to know more about what the "12 Steps" are all about? Print this great handout and visit PaRC's on-site bookstore for lots of great educational and recovery texts.
  • Looking for AA, NA, CA, PA or Al-Anon meetings on the PaRC campus? See our AA Houston meeting schedule.

More Resources:

AA Houston Meetings and 12-Step Fellowships: