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Teen Rehab

Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab Approach at PaRC

PaRC's Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program: Intense, Structured and Well-Rounded

Teens who have drug or alcohol problems need special attention. They also need a special treatment program. PaRC's Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program offers both for teens.


Many people suffer from more than just addiction. PaRC offers support for individuals whose addictive disorders are compounded by other mental health issues. Patients who admit to the PaRC for treatment of a substance use disorder are also able to receive support for a secondary mood disorder or other mental health issue. PaRC provides specialty groups and medication management by licensed psychiatrists to help individuals who have needs somewhat greater than alcohol and drug dependency alone. However, all persons admitted to PaRC must have a primary chemical dependency diagnosis.

Our teen drug and alcohol rehab program is twelve-step based. The Twelve Steps are effective in helping people lead drug free lives. At PaRC, we don't just introduce 12-step recovery to your teen. We show your teen how to live it.

Londa May, M.Ed., CEP
As an educational consultant who evaluates programs around the country, the most important question I ask is "Would I send my own children there?" In reference to the PaRC's adolescent treatment program, the answer is "yes!"
— Londa May, M.Ed., CEP

Level of Care & Services PaRC Offers in Our Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab:

  • Medical Detoxification. Your teen's detox will be safe and comfortable. PaRC is one of the few treatment centers in the Houston area that provides a medical detox for teens.
  • Residential Program. Also known as RTC. This is inpatient teen drug and alcohol rehab where your child lives on campus 30-45 days.
  • Partial Day Program. Also known as PHP or Day Treatment. This level of care is sometimes used in place of full-time residential treatment. It gives your teen a full-time program but they return home in the evenings.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program. Also known as IOP. This level of care usually follows residential teen drug and alcohol rehab or partial day treatment.

Your Child's Academic Education Continues

Teens in High School at PaRCYour teen will continue high school on the PaRC campus. Your child will receive instruction with self-paced classes. Your teen can make up lost school credits while in teen drug and alcohol rehab. They can stay on track and even get ahead.

Family Involvement is Critical 

Your teen and your family will have in an intensive Family Program. The program includes family education. Family counseling and support groups will help you heal. PaRC's Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab Family Program includes a one-year Aftercare Program. The program is just for you and your family.

Your Teen Will Build a Sober Support Network

Treatment is about making changes today and for a lifetime. PaRC partners with Alternative Peer Groups such as Teen & Family Services in Houston. Through an alternative peer group your teen will meet and make friends with other sober teens. Sober teens offer sponsorship and sober role-modeling. APGs host 12-step meetings at PaRC six days a week.

"Experiential" Hands-On Activities

Hands-On ActivitiesAt PaRC, activities occur both on campus and off campus. Activities in our program include Group Empowerment Drumming and Equine Therapy. Art Therapy and Psychodrama are also included.

Recreational Activities

For recreation, your teen will have field trips. Park trips includes Hermann Park and Bear Creek Park. Museum trips include the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts. There are also activities at the YMCA. Community service is part of recovery. Your teen will help feed the homeless at the Way Station. Finally, movie theater trips will be enjoyed as well.

Physical Wellness

Our physical wellness program includes Health Education Groups, Meditation Groups & Yoga. We also have indoor and outdoor fitness areas for activities such as basketball and volleyball.

Positive Behavioral Management

Positive reinforcement brings out positive behaviors. Special privileges are earned with our Behavioral Management System. We also have a mentoring program that allows your teen to serve on a peer-led Leadership Committee.

Extensive Discharge Planning

Your child will leave rehab with a custom plan for staying sober. The plan includes a one-year Aftercare Program. Continued family education, 12-step meetings and a variety of community resources are included, too.

"My sincerest gratitude to the PaRC staff for all that we have learned during my son's stay. I continue to refer parents to your facility, letting them know how much PaRC
helped our family in our recovery."

— Jane F, Parent

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