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Recovery Specialist

Ernest Patterson, LCDC

Ernest Patterson, LCDCAdolescent Program Manager

Ernest Patterson is the Adolescent Program Manager at Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center. A portion of his responsibilities are to ensure the safe care of patients adhering to policies, procedures, and standards implemented by Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center. Ernest is also responsible for motivating and promoting individual personal growth with our current employees.

Ernest was awarded the Counselor Of The Year Houston Chapter TAAP in 2012 he graduate from New Mexico State University and is a Houston Community College Certified Co-Leader as well as a ManKind Project International Certified Leader. In addition, he is a Boys to Men Organization Shadow Work Facilitator in Training Multicultural Leadership of the ManKind Project and is apart of the Board of Directors for the Leader Body Delegate Boys to Men Board of Directors and a Board Chairman Church Usher.

Ernest Patterson has worked with adolescent clients and their families for the past thirteen years, helping them begin their journey of healing. Through the provision of education, relapse prevention, intervention and hands on treatment, and through the teams of professionals both in the clinical field and outside in the church, community and volunteer opportunities, that he has assembled. He has helped to design proven treatment programs with successful end results. Through the ManKind Project, he has helped to create space for men to transform their lives and find their gold within. Because of his passion in this area, he was chosen to be trained to be a leader that can facilitate the actual transformative process. His association with Boys to Men has allowed me to assemble teams of trusted men to co-create a safe container so that young men could truly experience the safe initiation into manhood. As many are father-less youth, this allows them to connect with healthy male role models and as an organization, come together to support them with the struggles of transitioning from adolescents to adulthood.

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