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Substance Abuse Physicians

Dr. Matthew Brams, M.D.

Dr. Matthew Brams, M.D.PaRC Physician

Matthew Brams, M.D. is the Medical Director and Principal of BCR Research, Inc., a fully dedicated clinical research center. There, he has been involved in numerous trials, gaining FDA approval of over 15 CNS drugs currently in the marketplace. He has been lead investigator in several pivotal trials involving drugs in the ADHD arena. He has extensive experience in drug development and execution of Phase I-IV trials and has been involved in over 125 clinical trials both adult and pediatric populations in all areas of psychiatry. In addition, he has been managing patients in the field of Adult and Child Psychiatry since 1990 with particular expertise in ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Dr. Brams is a Clinical Associate Professor at Menninger Department of Psychiatry of Baylor College of Medicine and has published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles. He earned his MD from the University of Texas Health Science Center.

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