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Recovery Specialist

Recovery Specialists at PaRC

It takes not only professional expertise but also caring and committed teamwork of addiction recovery specialists to make treatment at PaRC so successful. That is why our drug addiction recovery staff at PaRC includes medical directors certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and a dedicated team of physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, licensed chemical dependency counselors, therapists and other licensed professionals.

Below is the roster of our compassionate, highly trained executive and medical drug addiction specialists who are dedicated to providing you the best possible outcome during your stay with us.

Addiction Specialists A to Z

If you know the name of the recovery specialist, you can find them by searching for their last name. You can also see an entire listing of our drug rehab professionals by their specific expertise below.

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All Recovery Specialists


Ruthann Adam, MA, LCDC - Director of Adult Program
Stacie Allphin, LCDC - Director of Adolescent Program, Austin Intensive Outpatient Program, Dallas Intensive Outpatient Program
Janet Arnold, Detox Nurse

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Jane Barnes, MBA, LCDC, CRPS - Director of Operations / Business Development
Amanda "Mandy" Bellmyer, LCDC - Program Counselor
Jodie Bergquist, LPC Intern, LCDC Intern
Christina Bialobos LCDC
Debbie Brolan - Program Counselor
Dr. Clay Brown, MD - Medical Director of Adolescent Program
Vaughn Bryant, PhD, LCDC-CCS, LMFT-S, LPC-S - Manager of Spiritual Care & Staff Development

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Dan Caldwell Jr, LCDC - Young Adult Counselor
Chris Crawford, LMSW, LCDC - Professionals & Executives Program Counselor

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Maggie Dickens, LPC Intern, LCDC Intern - Program Counselor
Susan Dorn, MA, LCDC - Manager of Adult Program

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Susan Edmonds, BA, LCDC - Program Counselor
Marina Erbstoesser, LMFT-A, LCDC - Intern
Jeff Evans, LCDC, LPC - Program Counselor Houston IOP

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Dr. Edward Fallick, DO - Medical Director of Young Adult Program
Theresa Fawvor, MS, LCSW, CPHQ - Director of Psychiatric Response Team
Matt Feehery, MBA, LCDC - Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Fisher, BS, LCDC, c-SAP - Detox Unit
Kathy Fisher, LCDC, AAC - Coordinator Clear Lake IOP

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Jasmin Galarza, BS, LCDC - Counselor Intern The Woodlands
Jake Gatlin, LCDC - Adult Program Therapist
Traci Gauen, MA, LPC, LCDC - Adult Program Therapist
Dana Grammer, LMS - Senior Adolescent Program Counselor
Byron Griggs, LCDC - Case Manager, Adult Program Counselor
Dr. Carlos Guerra, MD - Medical Director

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Jackie Harrison, LCDC - Adult Program Counselor
Earnestine Hay, LPC, LCDC - Family Program Therapist
Troya Horton, LCDC - Family Counselor
Chris Huston, LCDC - Program Counselor

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Tom Irving, MA - Director of Operations

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Anthony Jackson,LCDC - Program Counselor
Julie Jones,LCDC - Program Counselor

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Dr. Mike Leath, MD, Pharm D - Chief Physician
Tracee Lambert, LCDC - Program Counselor
Kimberly Lipar, LCDC - Program Counselor

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Jan Malmay, MA, LCDC - Manager Young Adult Program
Demitria Manley, LMSW, LCDC - Program Counselor
Mareili McCloud, LCDC - Adult Program Counselor
Dr. Sandra McElroy, MD - Response Team – Medical Director
Peter Mott, LCDC - Program Counselor

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Jack Necroto, LCDC, LPC - Program Counselor

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Lonnie Owen, MA, LCDC, LPCI - Young Adult Program Counselor

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Frank Pietrowski, LCDC - Program Counselor 
Gigi Price, LCDC Intern - Counselor Intern

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Renee Sanwald, MS, LPC, LCDC - Program Counselor
Terry Sexton, LCDC - Adult Program Counselor
Bonnie Steele, LVN,LCDC - Nurse
Dene Stevenson, LCDC - Manager of Family Services
Vickie Stokes, LCDCI - Patient Access Counselor
Julie Strachan-Traylor, BS, LCDC - Young Adult Program Counselor
Dr. Marissa Suppatkul, MD - Staff Psychiatrist
Kerri Swailes, BA, LCDCI - Adult Program Counselor

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John Tallerine, CPA, BS - Director of Finance
Christie Taylor, Ed.E, LPC - Adult Program Therapist
Bridget Thomas, LPC, LCDC - Program Counselor
Loanne Tran, CARN, BSN - Director of Patient Care & Patient Access

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Dr. Nisha Varghese, MD - Staff Physician
Karen Villarreal, LCSW, LCDC - Manager - IOP Manager
Mike Visconti, LCDC - Program Counselor

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Lisa Webb, LCDC - Adult Day Intensive Outpatient Counselor
Chalonda White, BBA, CRCR - Director of Business Office Services
John Will, LCDC - Aftercare Coordinator

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Madonna Yancey, LPC, LCDC - Program Counselor
John Yarruso - Detox Nurse

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Michael Zoellner, LVN Vocational Nurse