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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Spirituality Groups

Spiritual Groups At PaRCGathering with others to talk about spirituality is an important part of your treatment at PaRC. Exploring and connecting with your spiritual life is an aspect of recovery that helps you form a strong foundation for long-term success. Participating in a spirituality group helps you rediscover and tap into the beliefs, values and principles at the heart of leading a balanced, fulfilling life.

Spirituality at PaRC 

Most of our programs include spirituality as a part of the learning and healing process.

Developing a spiritual life that includes becoming aware of your inner strengths, understanding what you can and cannot control and how you interact with the world helps build toward your recovery.

Spirituality groups include:

  • Using spiritual principles as a personal recovery resource
  • Weekly meditation
  • Celebrating your unique treatment goals
  • Connecting with nature
  • Religion in spirituality
  • Traditional church services at PaRC (twice weekly)
  • Elements of the 12-step program
    • The 3rd step and its importance in recovery
    • Completion ceremony for the 3rd step (optional) 

Helping You Heal

Spirituality groups at PaRC provide the opportunity to explore and nurture your spiritual growth while you are in treatment. In spirituality groups, you will reexamine your attitudes about yourself and others. As your spiritual side gets stronger, your emotional health, self-esteem and acceptance of others will grow. Getting in touch with your spiritual self can help you recover as you tap into your beliefs and inner strengths and reconnect with the outer world.