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Program Elements

Program Elements

Treatment at PaRC is built upon a foundation of program elements that address the needs of our patients. Extensive education and counseling sessions help patients identify what drives their addiction and learn new habits that encourage sobriety and success in recovery.

12 Step Education & Meetings

The 12-Step treatment model has been shown to be highly effective in helping people lead drug free lives. At PaRC, we don't just introduce you to the 12-Steps, we show you how to live them.


Receiving counseling is an important part of your treatment at PaRC. Our counseling team is made up of highly credentialed and experienced individuals who have a long history of teaching patients how to get and stay sober. We employ bachelor, master and Ph.D.-level therapists that work together to provide you the best possible outcome during your stay at PaRC.

Chemical Dependency Education Groups

Chemical dependency education groups meet daily to address the causes of addiction, the physical and emotional effects of addiction and breaking the cycle of dependency. These groups explore a range of topics, including the physiological effects of drugs/ alcohol, addictive relationships, meditation and relaxation and life skills.

Experiential Therapy Groups

Experiential therapy encourages participants to identify and address hidden or difficult issues through activities such as role-playing, guided imagery, and a range of other active experiences. Active, weekly participation in experiential therapy helps patients relax and develop their skills and strengths.

Grief, Trauma and Loss Groups

Grief, trauma and Loss GroupsMany people with addictions experience feelings of grief and loss. Grief, trauma and loss groups, held weekly at PaRC, are an important part of your treatment. Grief, trauma and loss groups help participants connect with and receive support from their peers and gain tools to help them in their recovery and healing.

Spirituality Groups

Most of the programs at PaRC include spirituality as a part of the learning and healing process. Spirituality groups held weekly, help you rediscover and tap into the beliefs, values and principles at the heart of leading a balanced, fulfilling life.

Career Coaching

For participants in the Professionals & Executives Program, PaRC offers coaching and support regarding work and career issues such as returning to the workplace, re-entering the workforce and career development. In weekly sessions, one-on-one counseling with an experienced therapist and employee assistance professional will help you focus on ways to reestablish your connections to your work and career and manage aspects of your career that have been impacted by addiction.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is part of PaRC's inpatient program as well as the outpatient program. Studies show that approximately 2/3 of all relapses for any addiction occur within the first 90 days. Preventing a relapse improves your chances for sobriety and success.