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Nutrition In Recovery

Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) takes pride in offering the best in food quality and customer service to their patients and family. We encourage each patient to eat as much as they like as proper nutrition is a vital part of one's health recovery. Therefore providing tasty meals is essential to ensure that each patient is regaining the proper caloric intake.

PaRC's Award Winning Cafeteria

PaRC has been awarded the 2008 “Spirit of Excellence” award from Modern Healthcare and has attained a 96% customer service satisfaction score from them for the last 3 quarters. PaRC has been voted “Best of the Best” out of the entire Memorial Hermann Healthcare System 14 times and has been in the 90% Club 20 times since 2007.

PaRC understands the importance of nutrition in recovery from substance abuse and because of that understanding PaRC is on the forefront of offering their patients and staff healthy alternatives. They have incorporated many healthy ‘swaps’ to the menu; substituting brown rice for white rice, using 100% whole wheat pasta and breads and introducing a variety of healthy grains such as faro, quinoa, couscous and barley.

Nutrition in Recovery

In the next few weeks, the PaRC staff will have to opportunity to scan a barcode for all food items and input that information into the free website Patients will have the same opportunity beginning their 6th day in treatment utilizing the PaRC’s internet café.

Joshua Cranick, Manager of Food and Nutrition Services for the PaRC, said he enjoys working with the patients and helping them with their dietary needs. “Food is an integral part of their recovery, many times a patient does not have the best eating habits or in the course of their addiction, has isolated themselves from family and friends. At the PaRC, everyone eats in our Café allowing patients to socialize and build relationships. We also help our patients gain better eating habits to then take home to their families”.

PaRC Cafe Sample Menu

The following is a sample of the meals served at PaRC for our residential rehab patients:

Nutrition in Recovery

Sample Cafeteria Menu


Beef or chicken fajitas
Fiesta rice
Charro beans
Guacamole, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo

Available every day:
Salad bar - Assorted sandwiches and chips

Chicken tenders
Tuna-stuffed tomatoes
Mashed potatoes with cream gravy
Rolls - Salad bar - Assorted desserts

Proper hydration is also fundamental in nutrition and addition recovery. Water is available at every meal and throughout the day. Water removes toxins from the body and carries nutrients, glucose and oxygen to cells to promote repair. Water prevents constipation, relieves headaches, curbs appetite and snacking and maintains electrolyte balance. Water is a beneficial part of your recovery.