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Computer & Internet Access

Internet Usage in recoveryWhen you become a patient at PaRC you are given the specific education and counseling you need to begin recovery on solid ground. Your treatment program will be intense but it will also be practical. During your time at PaRC you will be given useful, every day tools and techniques for managing and enjoying your life without drugs or alcohol. PaRC’s computer lab gives you access to tools that you can use to make your life more manageable and promote your recovery.

Computer Lab Privileges

Patients at Memorial Hermann Parc can take advantage of the supervised computer lab every day of the week. Lab times are adjusted to meet the size of the community as well as group and therapeutic activities’ schedule. Patients often use the lab to work on assignments, for personal journaling, to write letters or for some other function. If there is an important reason you need computer lab access outside of the lab’s normal operating hours, you can usually obtain a pass from your counselor.

Internet Use

PaRC’s computer lab provides you with internet access in addition to general computer use. Internet access gives you the ability to research recovery topics, identify 12-step meetings near your home or work, search for a job, pay bills or manage some other aspect of your life, all while in treatment at PaRC.

The internet can also be used for downtime. One of the many things you will learn while you are in treatment at PaRC is the importance of incorporating downtime into your days. With internet access you can enjoy downtime in the computer lab by keeping up-to-date on the latest news, emailing friends or loved ones or enjoying some other approved internet-based activity.

Is the internet safe for people in recovery?

The internet is a fact of life and it is here to stay. The internet makes people’s lives more efficient and manageable and gives people access to many tools that will promote their recovery. The internet can help keep people connected to others who support their recovery. With the internet people stay connected to their communities and to the world. Keeping life manageable and staying connected to others is important in recovery.

When you get into treatment at PaRC and begin to see how fulfilling your life will become in recovery, you will probably start the process of letting go of your drug or alcohol “buddies” - those people you used with or those who supported your use. Breaking ties with people who will not support your recovery includes those people you interacted with on social networking sites or other online groups. PaRC will help you make the best decisions for yourself and teach you how to break unhealthy ties on social networking sites and form new, healthy ones.