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What Is Drug and Alcohol Detox

Our medically supervised Houston detox facility removes alcohol and drugs from your body. During the treatment, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms can be very uncomfortable and can even be fatal. While you are in detox, you will be supervised by a team of medical experts. PaRC is one of few treatment centers in the Houston metro area that offers a medical detox for adolescents as well as adults.

What Is PaRC's Detox Safety Record?

Detox Lounging Area in HoustonThe most important part is safety. PaRC has an excellent track record:

  • We have made great advancements in lowering withdrawal-induced seizures. Most alcohol and drug detox units incur about four seizures per month. PaRC had only three alcohol and drug detoxification seizures during the entire year of 2011.
  • No patient has had DTs (delirium tremens) during the 12 years we have offered detox. DTs are serious and should be avoided.
  • Because our Detox Houston is an inpatient stay, you receive nursing attention 24/7. You will be closely watched during your detox.
  • You meet with a doctor every day.
  • You receive a wellness exam every 2 hours for alcohol withdrawal and every 4 hours for drug withdrawal.
  • All members of the drug and alcohol detox treatment team closely collaborate regarding your treatment.
  • Our alcohol and drug rehab counselor is there for you during your treatment. The counselor will help you get you through your detox period.

Withdrawal Symptoms And Medical Best Practices

Our doctors might give you medications to treat your withdrawal symptoms. Medications are tailored to your withdrawal symptoms to make your treatment safer, more comfortable and quicker. You will not be over-medicated, because your detox is based on a personalized, not a standardized, approach.

Why Doesn't PaRC Offer Outpatient Detox Treatment

For many reasons, outpatient detox not as safe, comfortable or quick as the inpatient setting. Patients also have less success actually completing outpatient method.

What Happens After Detox

After Drug and Alcohol Detox

The fact is, physical freedom from drugs & alcohol results in a fresh start. When you leave one of our detox centers, your body will have a fresh start from the physical addiction you had. But this alone is not rehab, as the removal does not deal with the mental, emotional and behavior problems underlying active addiction. During your alcohol and drug detox, you will begin to attend groups in our rehab program. You will then be able to focus on real recovery with no effects of drugs or alcohol in your body. Continued treatment after detoxification is the best way to achieve long-term recovery.

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