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Grief & Loss Groups

Grief & Loss Groups

Grief, trauma and loss groups, held weekly at PaRC, are an important part of your treatment. Your regular group meeting with a small group of adults of the same sex provides a safe and supportive environment. Grief and loss groups are facilitated by PhD- or master's-level therapists.

Grief is a natural response to a personal loss: of a parent, a spouse or child, other important relationships, your identity, an important job, your possessions or your health.

You may feel sadness, anger or a range of conflicted emotions related to your life changes, your addiction, an abusive relationship, being the victim of a crime or other difficult situations. You may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other emotional disorders.

Meetings focus on talking and writing about how grief, loss and/or trauma have affected you. Acknowledging and sharing your emotions will help you learn to feel them in a healthy way

You will receive support from group members as you talk about and work through the circumstances and emotions that have caused your pain and held you back from living a healthy, balanced life. As you identify and work through your grief and difficult emotions, you will find yourself becoming a stronger and more resilient individual. 

How do grief groups help? 

As patients progress into a sober lifestyle, grief groups provide an opportunity for them to learn to identify, acknowledge and feel their emotions in a healthy way. They learn that recovering from grief takes place in stages. Grief and loss groups help participants connect with and receive support from their peers and gain tools to help them in their recovery and healing.




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