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Family Program FAQs

FAQs about the Drug Rehab Family Program at PaRC

Which family members may attend the drug rehab family program?
It is very important for the family to recover from the disease, as well as the patient. At PaRC's Drug Rehab Family Program, "family" includes spouses, children, mothers and fathers, siblings, grandparents, significant others and partners. The patient, the primary counselor, the patient's doctor and family members will discuss and decide who would be appropriate to attend the three-day program.

May children attend?
Yes. We encourage children to attend PaRC's Drug Rehab Family Program. Children as young as 6 have participated with great success. Children generally know a great deal more than most people realize. They often do not talk about their feelings or understand what their feelings are. Family Day talks help them understand situations such as why mom or dad has been gone, or why mom and dad have been fighting or why their brother or sister has been “mean” or“moody.”

May I attend just for one day?
No. The PaRC Drug Rehab Family Program is a three-day experience. The information given on day one is needed for days two and three. The entire three-day workshop is important to your and your loved one's success. Please make every effort to arrange your personal schedule to accommodate the full three days of this valuable experience.

What if we live out of town?
At your request, the PaRC staff will have a list of accommodations near the facility.

Will the program cost anything?
The 3-Day Intensive Drug Rehab Family Program is included in the patient’s treatment. Meals in the PaRC Cafe are very reasonably priced, but you are also welcome to eat outside the facility. The family is responsible for any accommodations needed, including motels, hotels or transportation.

For more questions about the Family program

Contact a Family Program Counselor below.Bonnie Steele, 713-329-7415
Earnie Hay, 713-329-7460
Troya Horton, 713-329-7556