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Career Coaching in Rehab

For participants in the Professional and Executive programs, PaRC offers career coaching services and support to assist them on issues with returning to their workplace, re-entering the workforce, or attaining the next level in career development. 

In weekly 45-minute sessions, you will receive one-on-one counseling with an experienced therapist and employee assistance professional who will help you create or reestablish your connections to your work and career and/or focus on career development issues that have been impacted by addiction.

A Healthy Approach to Work

In career coaching sessions, you may discuss topics related to your substance addiction, including perfectionism, over achievement, and workaholic behavior (addiction to the workplace). When you receive career coaching in rehab you will also obtain assistance with professional licensure issues and ways to stay on track with your recovery if your work frequently takes you out of town.

In support of your professional goals and a healthy reintegration to work, PaRC's career coaching services help you achieve a full, sustainable recovery.